Picture Schedule

Tuesday April 25, 2017

6:00— Tequila Sunrise (Pee Wee)

11u Rebels (Majors)

6:15— Bayside Milk Farm (Pee Wee)

Oceanside Iron & Steel (Pee Wee)

6:30— Martin Gleason (Pee Wee)

Elite Auto Leasing (Pee Wee)

6:45— Jefferson Dems (Tex Farm)

Ridgewood Saving Bank (Tex Farm)

7:00— Elite Pool & Fitness (Tex Farm)

V I Pizza (Tex)

7:15— Bourbon St (Tex)

Mass Mutual (Majors)

7:30— Alba Pizza (Majors)

Thursday April 27, 2017

6:00—Bare Burger (Pee Wee)

Papazzio (Pee Wee)

6:15— World of Discovery (Pee Wee)

McDonald’s (Pee Wee)

6:30— North Shore Baptist Church (Tex Farm)

H & D Maintenance (Tex Farm)

6:45— The 7 Line (Tex)

Tequila Sunrise (Tex)

7:00— Gothic Furniture (Tex)

Dime Community (Tex)

7:15— Rebels (Devel Team/Majors)

Louis A. D’alessio Attorney at Law (Minors)

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